About Us

Culture and fashion.
It was almost a half century ago when there was a strong trend running against the social establishment, after the changes in post-WWII societies. This counterculture, prevailing especially among young people of Europe and the US, affected music, art, fashion, and many other aspects of society, to a great extent.
Those were the days when young ones developed and expressed their individuality by such things as mid-century, Mods, hippies ...
Their individuality grew into cultures, which are still inherited by music and fashion today.

At "Top of the Hill", we carefully select quality items with individuality from the age of countercultures.
Our lineups are broad and solid, consisting of regular items and trendy ones, as well as some rare accessories and other items, chosen mainly from the 1960s to the '80s.

Enjoy and experience the lasting culture and ever-changing fashions at "Top of the Hill".